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The Site Called Pinterest

January 27th, 2013 by Victoria

Web Publishing is now a serious world where a lot of folks find stimulating, satisfying, and lucrative careers. But web publishing is so successful for a lot because it is also a fun place. Blogging and vlogging are exciting ways to express oneself.

Social networking is a form of web publishing in the sense that you are able to place online thoughts and opinions. It is not a strictly web publishing but it is online web communication that is used an innumerable amount of times a day by an uncountable number of people all over the world.

A new social networking site is Pinterest. It is not as big as Facebook or Twitter in number of users and it is also not as complicated so it is arguably a whole lot of fun. Pinterest allows a user to create a vision board according to his or her desired theme then to place anything interesting online to this board. He or she can follow others, can comment, and can repin as well. This promises to be a fun and exciting new social networking site.

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