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Think before your Click and Post

August 20th, 2013 by Mish Asia

Web publishing is one of the most sought after mediums to promote or introduce something online. It is also what a lot of people use today to express what they feel and is used to somewhat ventilate their feelings. To sum it all up, web publishing is an in thing today as it is a helpful tool in the field of business and a helpful medium for individuals who love to blog. However, web publishing has its own downside as well. There are a wide variety of topics to choose from when blogging and a wide variety of products and services to offer online, however, we cannot control various elements that can ruin your identity online. Hackers are one problem that the World Wide Web encounters. They can have access to your personal site and can encrypt or program a destructive virus. Other things that you may encounter are followers or readers who do not give a damn and just gives senseless comments. This is why it is vital to also learn online ethics and the like to help you have a better online experience.

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It is Never Bad to Be Reminded about Security

June 19th, 2013 by Ivo

Computer and your own online safety should be top on your list of priorities if you work or go on the Internet often. This can be as easy as a few steps you should make into habit. Here they are:


1. You have to change your password frequently and you need to make this as random as possible. Use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and characters to really make this random.
2. Log off a site you log into properly, on the site page. This is not the same as exiting the window.
3. Delete manually or set to auto delete your browsing history after every use.
4. Go to secure sites as much as possible. Do not click pop-ups or links you don’t know. Use the private browsing function whenever possible. This goes for Wifi connection too.
5. Finally, have and update your virus and anti-spyware software regularly.

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Some Simple Cleaning Steps

April 30th, 2013 by Victoria

You might think upon looking at this post title that you clicked on the wrong blog. You were looking for web publishing but you got a lifestyle blog instead. Do not fret. You have the right blog. These cleaning tips are reminders for those who use computer <a href="“>equipment regularly.
Like any piece of machinery, you need to take care to maintain this in order for it to work at its maximum and for it to last long. Computer care is simple once you have established the rhythm and the habit.

On a monthly basis:
1. Clean the monitor. Use a soft cloth with some glass cleaner sprayed onto the cloth (not the monitor) and wipe off any dust and dirt that have collected.
2. Clean your keyboard. Use tiny computer vacuums to suck out particles stuck inside. Or go manual an use tweezers. Do not spray onto the keyboard as this will damage the internal parts.
3. Keep your equipment away from moisture and excessive heat.
Simple cleaning steps do a lot for the shelf life and performance of your equipment.

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What is a Vlog?

March 30th, 2013 by Victoria

OK, there are so many advances in technology now it is honestly hard to keep track of them all. You have to be immersed in these media to be able to adapt at the same time. Years ago, the blogs broke out. A Web log, shortened to ‘blog’, these were pages on the Internet where a person could write about anything, like a diary. If settings were enabled, these could be tracked and followed by other people online. This has become a real venue for earning and communication today. Online articles and writing are so popular that a lot of old-school publications have gone digital to keep up with the times.

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Today there is a new thing to know. It is called ‘vlogging’. Like a blog, a vlog is short for video log. This is like blogging except it is using web TV. Vlogs currently come in the form of embedded links with accompanying text. This is the new wave of online writing and communication that for sure will take over as blogging did before.

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The Site Called Pinterest

January 27th, 2013 by Victoria

Web Publishing is now a serious world where a lot of folks find stimulating, satisfying, and lucrative careers. But web publishing is so successful for a lot because it is also a fun place. Blogging and vlogging are exciting ways to express oneself.

Social networking is a form of web publishing in the sense that you are able to place online thoughts and opinions. It is not a strictly web publishing but it is online web communication that is used an innumerable amount of times a day by an uncountable number of people all over the world.

A new social networking site is Pinterest. It is not as big as Facebook or Twitter in number of users and it is also not as complicated so it is arguably a whole lot of fun. Pinterest allows a user to create a vision board according to his or her desired theme then to place anything interesting online to this board. He or she can follow others, can comment, and can repin as well. This promises to be a fun and exciting new social networking site.

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Be Intentional Online

January 1st, 2013 by Victoria

So you have decided you want to try to go down a different career path. Maybe you have had enough of the daily grind going to work and going home. Maybe you want to spend more time at home but are realistic enough to know that you cannot not earn as well. Maybe you like writing and want to see if you can follow your passion and earn form it as well.


If any or all of these are your reasons for choosing to do work online, then you are in luck because fewer people have found success with online jobs on simpler reasons. Blogging is the usual way to go, if you do not have the technical skill and training that graphic and web designers have. Blogging skills are contained mainly to Internet know-how (which you can learn on your own) and writing. So is you are a writer, a great deal of what you need to be successful in blogging you already have. So look into blogging as the path that follows your passion and earns you some green at the same time.

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A Different Career Path

November 30th, 2012 by Victoria

If you are innovative and want to try to create a career for yourself online then web publishing may be a good area of you. Technically speaking, web publishing is a general term. It encompasses a lot of things you can do regarding publishing content on the Internet. You need to look at your skills, what you can train to become, and what you want to focus on work-wise.

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Web publishing includes creating and uploading websites, it includes posting blogs, or even updating web pages. This content can range from simple text to images or videos and can even include other types of media. Web publishing can require more skills like that of a web designer, or may be as simple as being a writer with basic computer skills. A career in web publishing can be a lucrative one. Depending on the extent of web publishing work you do, meaning complex or simple, and depending on what state you live in, the range of annual earnings is $23,000-$ 45,000.

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Perfman® Introduces v7.0 Featuring a Web-Based Executive Dashboard and Reporting for IBM PowerVMTM Systems

November 15th, 2012 by Ivo

Perfman today announced the availability of two major additions to its popular cross-platform systems management solution: the PointView Suite of Executive Dashboards and powerful new reporting features for AIX® and Linux® on IBM.

The Perfman PointView™ module allows IT and non-IT professionals to view resources by service, line-of-business, location, application or user-defined categories, such as time-sensitive events, to be in sync with a company’s short- and long-term business delivery and planning cycles. The product’s user-based roles feature provides focused access, to allow a specific audience to participate in problem identification and remediation or to further improve productivity of specific business activities.

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What is Web Publishing?

October 31st, 2012 by Victoria

For some people, looking at the term web publishing is enough to send them running scared. At first glance, it does look daunting. But deconstructing web publishing and making even the beginner understand what this is will make it easier and less daunting for anyone to use and manipulate the internet.
Web publishing is, simply put, online publishing or publishing content on the Net. This would include the creation and maintenance of websites and web logs or blogs as they are more popularly known. Publishing here encompasses images, text, videos and all other kind of online media. To do this you need the right software, a good, reliable, fast Internet connection, and a server. The software you use here can vary. This can be professional software or web-based interfaces like the blogging sites.
Knowing what web publishing is even at a high level is important so that you are not ignorant and so you can also learn to add value to the online world.

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The New Web Communicator

September 10th, 2012 by Ivo

The Web offers one of the most significant opportunities to communicators in modern history, but requires a total redefinition of what communications is.

Traditional communications is one-way, passive and past-tense. It is all about telling people what you have done, what you are doing, or what you are about to do. There is a core belief among certain traditional communicators that people need to be “educated”.

There might have been some truth in such a view forty years ago, but we are now in a different age. It is not the digital age. It is not the information age. It is the informed age. The very success of the Web is based on a questioning society. We are a society that searches because we want to find out.

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